Chetan Sharma

Chetan is a sought after business coach, educator, live events moderator, a position strengthened by his vast experience as a TV anchor, columnist and business consultant.

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Live Events Moderator

As a moderators make the panelists better, draw out the most interesting information and keep listeners engaged.

Media Training Consultant

Chetan works with companies & Public Relations as a consultant to help train company spokespersons dealing with the media.

Business Coach

Business Coach: With keen business acumen and an educator's bent of mind, Chetan Sharm is the perfect personality who can give you tools, techniques and trends that can help you go from Zero to Much more, in less time.

Voice Overs & Radio

Chetan has lent his voice for over 500 commercials of premium brands, both on radio and television.

Interviews Anchor

Chetan’s ability to make his interviewees comfortable results in him revealing many an inner personality.

Tv Anchor

Chetan is widely recognized for his strengths in interviewing business and political leaders, and celebrities.

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What Clients Are Saying

“I thoroughly enjoyed being present for the Berkshire event .Everything went off perfectly. The moderator in particular was very good, thoroughly professional and very much international. I specially enjoyed his candid views, insight and wit. It is very appropriate that he is a part of the Indian launch of my book – Wit, Wisdom and Warren and the start of our Insurance business here in India. I wish him the very best.”

Warren Buffet, Chairman

It was a pleasure to have you a part of our Global Leadership Team meeting. We appreciated the way in which you helped pull together our discussions, maintain the focus of our meeting and extract the key take-aways, which we believe will contribute to our further progress. Thank you for your keen insights into the current environment and developments in India and their relevance to broader trends globally.”

Alex Wynaendts, Chairman Aegon

"I had the pleasure of witnessing Chetan moderate for the first time in a live event and was as impressed as I have been seeing him on television. He is one a of a kind when it comes to understanding the subject, audience, situation and the value to be derived. I came out a learner."

Robert Green

My experience of the event was delightful. You acted as one of the best moderators I have seen in such corporate panel discussions. You were sharp, incisive and focussed during the discussions. You brought out meaningful themes through your interventions and wove a tightly knit show, keeping audience interest alive.”

Oliver Goodman

With Japan and Canada partnering and 120 countries including USA,UK, Australia and the Netherlands participating,the 6th edition of India’s biggest global trade show in Gandhinagar last mont h spread over a la k h sqm displaying 25000 global products had only one underlying theme – "A Vibrant Gujarat".

07/02/2013 Finance Minister Chidambaram has always been delight for business journalists. Come the annual budget and he ensures a host of headlines in the run up through strategic sound bites fuelling speculation of what announcements can be expected at the…

01/02/2013 What goes up and never comes down? The conventional answer would be age. A more insightful one would be the enthusiasm of the buyer on the stock markets. Last year saw economies across the world being put to test.…

01/02/2013 The year 2012 was a year of anger in India – starting with Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement (a follow up of 2011), involving a series of country-wide protests intended to enforce accountability through a strong legislation – the Jan…

01/02/2013 The last fortnight of 2012 woke up Delhi and India to the country’s callous attitude towards women. The gang-rape of a 23 year old medical student that shook the sensibilities of Indians across the globe, made apparent the lack…

26/11/2011 Remember Red Riding Hood ? The fairy tale about the girl who walks through the woods to deliver food to her sick grandmother and is deceived by the wolf who wants to consume her. She is saved by a…

11/11/2011 As a lazy cub reporter one of the greatest joys was to get a simple story that was bound to make the headlines - like the one that did last week - petrol prices on a high five (…

5/11/2011 Nine months is what it takes a mother to have a daughter. Typically,thirty times that, is what it takes for that daughter to become a mother. India is different; it has taken 54 years. The last time the name…

19/10/2011 Last week the RBI warned banks to check bad loans. This follows the downgrading of SBI by Moody's, yet another interest rate hike and a caution by CRISIL on the impending slowdown. There was a special word of caution…

12/10/11 So what do Steve Jobs, Bob Dylan  and Warren Buffet have in common. For one they are successful American Icons. More importantly, each of them have been advocates of change – through their work, words and worth (wealth) respectively.…

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