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Live Events Moderator

Conference organizers often spend an enormous amount of time and resources in the execution of an event, but often forget that a good event moderator is critical for success. Often, an expert in the field is chosen to moderate the event that may seem logical, but runs the risk of making the discussion academic, disengaging and editorially skewed. Moderating an event requires the moderator to engage, improvise, and energize, with just enough domain knowledge to be able to make the discussion effective, meaningful and result oriented.

An event moderator can do important things, such as:

  • Help to shape the agenda so that it is clear and has a narrative.
  • Helps reinforce the significance of the event and the importance of what is being said.
  • Makes the discussion lively and dynamic.
  • Maintains the pace of the event
  • Encourages participation from the speakers and the audience
  • Draws conclusions and shapes the direction of the event

A moderator is in a position to change the energy in the room, the flow of the session, and the content that emerges. Great moderators make the panelists better, draw out the most interesting information and keep listeners engaged.

Media Training Consultant

Chetan works with companies and Public Relations organizations as a consultant to help train company spokespersons in the art of dealing with the media. With a background in media and journalism, Chetan is effective and provides a real world, practical aspect to the media training exercise.


Chetan began his early career in the private FM Radio industry, at the time of its inception in India. He has hosted several popular shows and has also been involved in producing, scripting, managing, and promoting these shows. With over 10 years of experience in the radio industry, he now runs a company which helps to set up radio stations.

Voice Overs

Chetan has lent his voice for over 500 commercials of premium brands, both on radio and television.



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