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Nanno Kleiterp, Chief Executive Officer"On November 12 we gathered for the Conference on the Future of Banking at the Convention Factory in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Your moderating the Conference on the Future of Banking really contributed to the success of this event and the positive reactions we have received from our clients. Therefore, I would like to thank you very much for your presence and participation.

We experienced the Conference as an open, entertaining and inspiring event where bankers and policy makers from all over the world could meet each other and could exchange views on important stepping stones towards the future. You ably drew out thought-provoking comments from the participants and audience, and managed to introduce and summarize the discussions in an engaging and witty manner.

Presentations, pictures and movies will be published on the website

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2013, and look forward to meeting, or working with you, again the future."

Nanno Kleiterp, Chief Executive Officer
FMO(Dutch Development Bank)

Warren Buffet, Chairman“I thoroughly enjoyed being present for the Berkshire event .Everything went off perfectly. The moderator in particular was very good, thoroughly professional and very much international. I specially enjoyed his candid views, insight and wit. It is very appropriate that he is a part of the Indian launch of my book – Wit, Wisdom and Warren and the start of our Insurance business here in India. I wish him the very best.”

Warren Buffet, Chairman

Alex Wynaendts, Chairman“It was a pleasure to have you a part of our Global Leadership Team meeting. We appreciated the way in which you helped pull together our discussions, maintain the focus of our meeting and extract the key take-aways, which we believe will contribute to our further progress. Thank you for your keen insights into the current environment and developments in India and their relevance to broader trends globally.”

Alex Wynaendts, Chairman

Rajiv Jamkhedkar, CEO "I had the pleasure of working with Chetan during a Global leadership team meet for AEGON, one of the world's leading Insurance company, hosted in New Delhi. The leadership group included CEOs from 20 countries, Corporate Centre functional Heads etc. - a group of 60 diverse people. The meeting was about a change agenda within the company and Chetan was an excellent facilitator of that discussion. He has good knowledge of the financial and capital markets. He understood our business and our agenda quickly and very clearly. After that, he was able to synthesize his knowledge of the Indian marketplace, global economic situation and used it to provoke critical questions, paraphrase participant feedback in useful categories for further exploration by the team. To me, the best part was that Chetan brought the discussion alive. He was always encouraging honest opinions within the group without allowing it to stray form the core topic. Overall, I would say that Chetan helped make that meeting very useful for our Group."

Rajiv Jamkhedkar, CEO
Aegon- Religare

Yateesh Srivastava, Chief Marketing Officer"Chetan, Likewise, It was a great pleasure to interact with you during the GLT. I learned a lot from watching the way in which you built rapport with your audience and slowly but surely drew them out to express their perspectives and viewpoints. In fact both, Alex Wynaendts and Jan Nooitdedagt, mentioned to me that you were the best moderator they had worked with. In fact your role in making the GLT a hit (by the way the average rating was 8.3 / 10) cannot be over-stated. I certainly hope to be in touch with you at a personal level. Talking to you always gave me new insights and perspectives on a variety of issues."

Best Regards,

Yateesh Srivastava, Chief Marketing Officer
AEGON Religare Life Insurance

Nishchae Suri, Managing Director“Chetan hosted Mercer's Asia Pacific HR Leader Series forum: Blueprint to win the talent challenge in Mumbai on 25 August 2011. Chetan successfully engaged the audience in energetic conversations on talent, leadership and employee engagement, to name a few. His knowledge, business acumen and understanding of the theme at hand were instrumental in creating meaningful dialogues amongst HR leaders attending the event. Chetan also moderated a panel discussion at the event themed, "Extreme HR - Managing Talent in a hyper growth market". His articulation, line of questioning and ability to hold the audiences' attention through lively interactions while sustaining the focus of the forum is truly commendable. Most importantly, Chetan added humour to the forum which is often missing in corporate settings.”

Nishchae Suri, Managing Director
Mercer Consulting India

Rohit Thakur, HR Director"I had the pleasure of witnessing Chetan moderate for the first time in a live event and was as impressed as I have been seeing him on television. He is one a of a kind when it comes to understanding the subject, audience, situation and the value to be derived. I came out a learner."

Rohit Thakur, HR Director
GE Energy

Dr. PV Bhide --  President - Corporate HR"Having dealt with Human resources for 37 years, it has been a large part of my duty to spot talent. With Chetan I did spot a very good one. His knowledge of the subject and my company could be parallel to anybody who is an employee. His use of words was fascinating as was his sense of humour. I could see everybody in the audience enjoying every bit of the discussion, as was Chetan himself and at the end it was no surprise that we came out with several solutions and view points which frankly, I never thought would be possible."

Dr. PV Bhide -- President - Corporate HR
JK Organisation

Inder Walia, Group Director- Human Resources and Integration“Working with Chetan was special for several reasons – his ability to effectively link up contemporary news with the subject on hand; bringing 'outside in' perspective as posers to the panel - wide spectrum knowledge to leverage on any topic thus provoking and providing space for creative expressions from panel - interjecting with and humour in the right dose at the required juncture to steer the discussion on another path. Needless to say that I very much enjoyed your moderating session with great time management ability as well.”

Inder Walia, Group Director- Human Resources and Integration
Bharti Group

"I was very impressed with Chetan Sharma's point of view as a journalist and moderator of the CPAI seminar. I will definitely take cognizance of his point of views in our internal discussions"

Professor K.V. Thomas
Hon'ble Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Govt. of India.

B K Sabharwal"To Invite Chetan to moderate our convention was the best decision we made. We only request him to continue to do so for us in the future"

B K Sabharwal
President, Commodity Participants Association of India

Rajeev Dubey, President (HR, After-Market & Corporate Services) & Member of the Group Management Board"I never realised that a moderator had a major role to play in a symposium. But what I experienced in the Mercer Talent Seminar was an eye opener. Chetan made the entire experience seem like an art and science. The way every part of the seminar was conducted seemed it was carefully and scientifically planned but the way it was carried out was an art. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the panel discussion and found myself saying things I was not prepared for, but which came naturally and was perhaps far more effective. The reason for this was the way Chetan handled the discussion, made me introspect and come up with many more aspects of the topic on hand. I was left wanting more."

Rajeev Dubey, President (HR, After-Market & Corporate Services) & Member of the Group Management Board
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Rajan Kalia, Executive Vice President & Head - Human Resources“My experience of the event was delightful. You acted as one of the best moderators I have seen in such corporate panel discussions. You were sharp, incisive and focussed during the discussions. You brought out meaningful themes through your interventions and wove a tightly knit show, keeping audience interest alive.”

Rajan Kalia, Executive Vice President & Head - Human Resources
Max New York Life Insurance

Saumen Chakraborty, Chief Financial Officer"It was a pleasure being introduced to Chetan and watch him conduct a very insightful panel discussion. How he handled every bit with precision, intuitiveness and humour was admirable."

Saumen Chakraborty, Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Reddy’s Lab

Adil Malia, Group President - HR "I have seen many, enjoyed few and complimented even fewer. Chetan falls in the third category. I look foward to working with him again."

Adil Malia, Group President - HR
Essar Group

Mr. P. Dwarakanath, Group Director"The way Chetan presented himself and handled a very tricky session of panel discussion on a difficult subject was remarkable. Just to be able to reflect such spontaneity and touch upon the subtle problems made the entire event extremely useful."

Mr. P. Dwarakanath, Group Director
Human Capital of Max India Limited

Pankaj Mittal, Chief Human Resources Officer"Chetan made the event thoroughly enjoyable, insightful and creative."

Pankaj Mittal, Chief Human Resources Officer
Indus Towers Limited

Animesh Kumar, Group Head - HR"I just admired the way Chetan conducted the event. I loved his speech, voice and his deep knowledge as well as his warm sense of humour. I had no hesitance in asking him for lessons in voice modulation and public speaking skills."

Animesh Kumar, Group Head - HR

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